31 January 2012

The End of Tick-Box Care

Lesley Kragt, Vanguard Consulting

When Lesley Kragt started work with a provider of domiciliary care she was shocked by the bizarre things care workers did to tick boxes. Why didn’t care workers listen to their clients? Why did they have a whole room just for files?

Using the Vanguard Method, Lesley helped leaders move from ‘Care by checklist’ to ‘Care by conversation’.

The organisation in the case study provides domiciliary care and supported living to adults with moderate to severe disabilities (including mental health). Lesley will demonstrate the practical application of the Vanguard Method (Check, Plan, Do) and the outcomes at an individual and organisational level. She will present the key challenges, insights and lessons learned.

This session was for anyone who wants to do the right thing for their clients and reduce costs, at the same time as keeping a good relationship with commissioners.

About Lesley Kragt

Lesley has a professional background in nursing and occupation psychology. She was introduced to systems thinking when she worked in local government as a Business Improvement Lead and saw first-hand how systems thinking could transform business. Before working in local government Lesley spent the majority of her working life in the 3rdsector and not-for-profit sectors. Lesley’s latest position in the 3rd sector was in a large national not-for-profit organisation where she was a Director for over 10 years. Her primary role was to secure funding and develop new programmes – constantly trying to do more for less. It is only now with the knowledge she has on systems thinking and the Vanguard Method she realises that there is a different economic paradigm that enables us to improve services at a reduced cost.


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