28 February 2008

Learning To See Waste And Value

John Carlisle, Cooperation Works

The first of several sessions with Professor John Carlisle.  This time he worked with us on helping our companies ‘see’ waste and value so they will be almost forced to acknowledge change is needed. The emphasis was on the psychology of change and the application of the theory of knowledge to bring this about.

About the speaker

As well as being a big fan of the England Rugby Union team, John has been equally fanatical in promoting the message of productive co-operation. Amongst the long list of organisations that have called on his world-renowned expertise on partnering during his long career are British Rail, British Nuclear Group, Hong Kong Metro, De Beers and many public bodies in the UK and Australia.. Following its success with English-speaking readers, his authoritative book Beyond Negotiation, co-authored with Bob Parker, has now been translated into Italian and working Chinese. He is a Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University’s Faculty of Organisation and Management and chair of the Alliance of Deming Consultants.


You can view John’s slides from the day.

What participants said…

“Very useful and informative, especially as I am new to this line of work. I found the lectures gave me a good background to assist me in my reading on the topic. It was also a great opportunity to meet other people in the field. I do not feel so alone now!”

“Really enjoyed the session- lot’s of food for thought which I’ll take back to my colleagues. Thanks”

“A bit over my head at times but very enjoyable, well worth coming and I will do so again.”


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