4 June 2009

Influencing Systems: Campaigning skills and strategies for achieving change

Titus Alexander

For this meeting we welcomed Titus Alexander to NET2 to talk to us about our individual and collective strategies for change.

Titus has been called a “one man think tank” on family learning, citizenship, education and global issues. He is Head of Campaigning for a charity in London and an experienced change agent and campaign coach, as well as a published author. Recently, Titus led eight regional road shows to build support for campaigning in the Third Sector.

We explored the purpose of campaigning, how to campaign and the abilities needed to campaign successfully, and then we looked at ways to influence national and local decisions-makers about our priorities as members of NET2.  Titus discussed practical tools and techniques and provided opportunities to think more deeply about how we can bring about lasting change.


You can download a copy of Titus Alexander’s slides from the session.

What participants said

“There was a lot of content to digest.”

“The session was very good, I enjoyed Titus and had a good discussion around my campaigning issues. Have also followed that up with further contact since.”

“More direction during interactive sessions – not sure what was expected or to be done.”

“I felt very welcome and people were very willing to engage. Perhaps, some information about the attendees, other than name and organisation, would have been useful in aiding more effective networking.”

“The end of the session was rushed due to time constraints. I would have liked to have spent more time on this.”

“Venue, catering and welcome were brilliant.”


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