25 November 2010

Has Performance Appraisal Passed Its ‘Use By’ Date?

Glyn Lumley (aka the HR Maverick)

At a time when all organisations are being asked to do more for less, many commentators are calling for managers to performance manage their staff more closely. Performance appraisal is often seen as a key element. In this interactive session, Glyn Lumley – author of the HR Maverick blog – invited us to consider the oft-stated aims of performance appraisal and then to deconstruct these so that we could consider the value of what’s left.

The speaker

Glyn has many years of senior HR Management experience in different sectors and has recently led a group from the Manchester and Merseyside branches of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development that has organised an OD Conference at Haydock Park. He is the Vice Chair of the North Wales Group of the CIPD and a member of the Deming Transformation Forum Advisory Group.

What participants said

“I could have explored this all day, but actually like the timescales!”

“For a meeting of that length the learning was optimal – just right! Great contribution from Glyn and everyone. Carry on the good work.”

“More practical tools – I really liked ‘CLEAR’ as a way to structure the review; other tools to take back to work would have been helpful.”

“Time did not allow it, but if we could have spent more time on how to properly apply the various “aims” of appraisal.”

“It was a very good day, and I learned a lot in all sorts of ways.”



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