26 October 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes, More Joy by Powerpoint: Personal reflections on ‘change’ in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

In this meeting, kindly hosted by Gateshead Council, we focused on the subject of ‘change’. No change there then. But this time around we didn’t put one person up front on a pedestal to listen to. We figured, why stop at one? A great mix of volunteers told their own stories and shared reflections on change using the medium of Pecha Kucha presentations; PowerPoint using just 20 slides with 20 seconds for each one.

Look who was talking this time

One big hat tip to our volunteers:

  • Charlotte Pell, Vanguard Consulting
  • Susan Postlethwaite, Voluntary Organisations Development Agency
  • Phil Jackman, Durham County Council
  • Steve Hopkirk, Esh Solutions
  • Paul Norrington, UPM Group
  • Louise Darby, Yorkshire Housing

What participants said

“A very refreshing day, and having to do Pecha Kulcha myself was a very rich learning experience.”

“I guess I was rather hoping to come away with more practical ideas on how to implement change effectively.”

“I could have given a better presentation.”

“Being a relatively new group it is just building up and so does not yet have the numbers of people who are willing to put themselves forward in such an exercise, even if only for 6m 40 sec. I think everyone made the best of the venue and the layout is not particularly condusive to active participation. Good luck in building NET2 in the North East.”


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