27 May 2010

Joy By Powerpoint:Personal stories of sudden insight and clarity in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

The focus of this meeting was ‘Aha! moments’. You know, those times when insight or clarity strike us, usually out of the blue. Out of nowhere, we suddenly see something afresh, with new eyes. Big or small, whatever it is, everything changes. There is no turning back.

Eight volunteers, a great mix of network regulars and newcomers, told their own stories using the medium of Pecha Kucha presentations; PowerPoint using just 20 slides with 20 seconds for each one. Never come across it before?  Check out this short Wired Magazine article.

It wasn’t a competition and there were no prizes. It really was the taking part that counted.  It was great fun.

And if this doesn’t seem a practical enough activity in these hard headed, troubled times, then consider this: Transformation, whether of our organisations or communities, doesn’t start with a budget, a toolkit, or a training programme, it starts with new awareness and the realisation that there are other paths to take.

Look who was talking

Hats off to our volunteers:

  • Rory Barke, East & North East Leeds Area Manager, Leeds City Council
  • John Carlisle, Cooperation Works Ltd and Chair of Alliance of Deming Consultants
  • Russell Clark, Inspector, Motorway Unit and Major Collision Enquiry Team, West Yorkshire Police
  • Peter Cruikshanks, Outside In Management
  • Val McKie, Magma Effect
  • Christine Mclean, Christine Mclean Consulting
  • Mark Wilcox, member of CQI Editorial Panel and formerly of Cranfield’s Centre for Business Performance
  • David Allen, NET2 and David Allen Consultancy

What participants said…

“Great topic for the sessions which captured presenters’ energy and passion. The constraints seemed to help release creativity into the visual materials. fascinating experience and wirthwhile learning. Can see this technique being used in OD and Change situations to good effect.”

“I thought it was good idea that worked well.”

“The process was excellent – but I want more depth!(Maybe I am the problem?) Perhaps it is the format – it seems such a short time. “Just get going and its time for lunch!

“I thought the Pecha Kucha worked really well.”

“I find the format and contents of the meeting really useful as well as a great opportunity to network with people in the north of England.”

“I would have preferred more background on the format being used for example to learn more about areas/environments it has been successfully used in. I would have liked more time for discussion around the tables but understand the contraints on timing, lunch etc..”



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