4 March 2010

Trust Me, I’m a…

Jane Lewis, Mark Lewis and Jayne Wilde

What makes us trust some people and professions more than others? Why do we believe that doctors are more trustworthy than politicians? We experience trust in organisations, in teams and in our personal relationships. We know when it’s there and we know when it is missing.

  • How big a factor is it in the choices we make?
  • How do we build trust with each other? How do we build trust with our customers?
  • How do we re-build trust once it is lost? What is the cost of lost trust?
  • How much of the current situation is fueled and perpetuated by lack of trust?

These were just some of the questions covered in this session.

What participants said…

“The session was very engaging and I am pleased to have been there to pick up others’ thinking about some trust issues I am helping a client with. Nothing more you could have done specifically to make it a 10 [out of 10] – it was pretty close.”

“There was so much interesting material.”

“For me, the value was in hearing what others were taking away. Would’ve appreciated the last 15 minutes hearing more from other participants as there was some very rich thoughts and reflections.”

“Well I never award 10 [out of 10], but to get 9, possibly a bit more background and theoretical ideas, and ideas on how to work with clients on trust and building it.”

“Good table discussions – would have preferred a few more case studies.”



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