What people say about NET2 meetings

NET2 members get together all year round, half a day at a time. Guests are always welcome.  We meet in Yorkshire, usually at Junction 25, Brighouse, and in the North East, at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Common themes include: leadership – giving meaning, purpose, direction and focus to work; co-operation not conflict; systems thinking; creativity, innovation & continual improvement; customer focus & outside-in thinking; effective use of data & understanding variation; psychology, especially of intrinsic motivation; lean thinking; environmental concerns; community; and, learning and education.


5 February, The Detractors, the Disengaged and the Disinterested, Phil Andrew & Anthony Hart (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

6 March, Kittens Are Evil 2, National Conference (Manchester)

21 March, A Fishy Business, Edward Whittle, Xavier Benz, David Wormald (Brighouse)

7 May, The Onion Patch Strategy, Open Space Session (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Watch This Space, Work in Progress


The End of Tick-Box Care, Lesley Kragt (31 January, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Make a Leap in Your Leadership, an extra all-day workshop, John Watters & Ali Warner (28 February, York)

Stop Getting By, Start To Fly, Peter Cruikshanks (29 March, Brighouse)

The Curious Case of the Bad Apple, Charlotte Pell & Lesley Cairns (24 April, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Just Do It, Simon Guilfoyle (24 May, Brighouse)

On Purpose, one of 3 possible sessions voted for by members and friends of the network (3 July, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Ten Thousand Ways That Won’t Work, (20 September, Brighouse)

Kittens are Evil, Toby Lowe (23 October, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

The Magical Delivery Tour, Ian Gilson (22 November, Brighouse)


Freedom From Command and Control, John Seddon (12 January, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Designing The Silver Bullet Workshop, David Allen & Charlotte Pell (24 February, Brighouse)

Doing The Right Thing At Work, Carole Howells, Phil Jackman & Lesley Cairns (29 March, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Survival Is Optional, Dr. John Raven (28 April, York)

Trapped In A Revolving Door, Steve Hopkirk ( 28 June, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Opportunity Knocks, extra all-day seminar, Dr. Bill Bellows ( 12 July, Brighouse)

Trust Repair – Naive Utopia or Living Reality? Jane Lewis, (29 September, Brighouse)

Leadership In Practice: Can we create balance? Sue Congram, ( 25 October, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Thursday Morning Picture Show, David Allen & Charlotte Pell, ( 24 November, Brighouse)


Trust Me I’m A…, Jane Lewis, Mark Lewis, Jayne Wilde (4 March, Brighouse)

If Only I’d Known Then What I Know Now, Jeremy Cox (20 April, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Joy by PowerPoint , ‘Aha moments’ using Pecha Kucha ( 27 May, Brighouse)

It’s Red Beads Time, Willing Workers Unite, Paul Hollingworth (29 June, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

A View From The Balcony, Fiona Scrase and Daphne Taylor (30 September, Shipley)

Ch-ch-ch-changes, More Joy by Powerpoint, exploring ‘Change’ using Pecha Kucha (26 October, Gateshead)

Has Performance Appraisal Passed Its ‘Use By’ Date?, Glyn Lumley ( 25 November, Brighouse)


What’s Going On? Introducing and exploring systems principles, Philip Eastburn, Lesley Cairns and David Allen (26 February, York)

Influencing Systems, Titus Alexander ( 4 June, Brighouse)

Serving The Public: Getting better all the time…?, Jeremy Cox ( 24 September, Brighouse)

Only In It For The Money?!, John Carlisle (3 December, Brighouse)


Learning To See Waste and Value, John Carlisle (28 February, Brighouse)

Predicting Performance – How Shewhart Intended, Mark Wilcox ( 29 May, Brighouse)

It’s All Isaac’s Fault, Tony Droar and Sue Couchman (25 September, Brighouse)

What Works?, Sharing practical knowledge about what works using Open Space (27 November, Brighouse)


Values and Ethics, John Varney (22 November, Brighouse)


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