Work In Progress

einstein and his blackboardWe’re taking a short break from running sessions until the Autumn.

For those who have paid to be members for a year we’ll stop the clock during the break so that you get the rest of your membership from when NET2 starts again.

Serious about organisational transformation

We believe that NET2 could do lots more to educate, support and connect people who either recognise, or have started to suspect, the limitations of so much about conventional approaches to management and its underlying thinking. Many people, across all sectors, are seeking better alternatives, and through NET2 we want to help them in the best ways we can.

It’s not that the sessions we’ve arranged lately haven’t been good. In fact those who came said they appreciated what they got from them. We just have a growing feeling that NET2 has been falling short of its potential. A break from organising sessions will allow us time to come up with something that is more in keeping with what the network should be about.

So watch this space. We will be back. If you need to get in touch in the meantime, for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate.


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