The Onion Patch Strategy

How do you make a difference if you’re not in charge?

Tuesday 7 May 2013 – at 9.30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lunch at 1 p.m. Free for first-timers.

Are you trying to introduce a new way of thinking into your organisation? Would you like to improve your influencing skills? If you have the knowledge and ambition to make a difference but need help with tactics, this session is for you.  The Onion Patch Strategy is for smart people who don’t want to wait until they become chief executives to start changing things. It’s a strategy for the early adopters and innovators who want to introduce new ideas without alienating people.

Onion Patch Record LabelIt’s not actually a strategy for onions. In the words of its inventor, Peter Scholtes, it’s a strategy for ‘lonely little systems thinking petunias trying to introduce the new philosophy of leadership to those rooted in the onion patch of an obsolete managerial philosophy’. You don’t have to be lonely or look like a petunia to come, but you do have to be trying to introduce something new.

We will begin the session by looking at the advice from Scholtes, the man who wrote a whole book about systems thinking without mentioning the phrase more than a handful of times. He ran a successful consultancy for many years and distilled his experiences into a handbook for those who want to develop their competencies in the new leadership philosophy. So he has a strong claim on having got the T shirt. Find out what he has to say about converting your boss, martial arts and learning to say “uh-huh”.

We will use Open Space to organise the rest of the session around what you want to talk about. You might need help communicating artfully, choosing what to work on, learning not to argue with colleagues, gathering data or recruiting allies. Whatever tactics you need help with, come prepared to do some actual work at the session with the option of meeting up with like- minded people at a later date, if you find you want to work on something together.

If you haven’t been to an Open Space meeting before, it’s worth coming just to see how it works. You might want to use the method for your own meetings. You can read more about it here. In short, you will get to work with like minded people on something that really matters to you.

Want to come along?

If you haven’t been to one of our sessions, you can come along at no cost. We like people to try us out for size. Otherwise our fee for non members, which includes lunch, is £30 (VAT exempt). Either pay on the day or, if you prefer, we’ll send you an invoice to pay beforehand, just indicate when you register.

You can register for the session here. If your organisation blocks links like this (some do), just drop us a line. As the day approaches, you can see who else is planning to come here.


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