The Detractors, the Disengaged and the Disinterested

Engaging the entire workforce in systems thinking at Tesco Bank

Tuesday 5 February 2013 at 9.30 a.m. (for a 10 a.m. start) until 1 p.m. at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lunch at 1 p.m. Free for first-timers.

From day one Tesco Bank opened with no traditional targets for any of its frontline staff. No sales targets and no call handling time targets. The focus of the business is on improving customer service and therefore customer loyalty.  But it isn’t as simple as just taking away the traditional measures. Over the last 3 years they have built a business from scratch, understanding demand and designing all policies, procedures and processes while not losing sight of their true purpose. Throughout the journey they have come across the detractors, the disengaged and the disinterested, as staff at all levels have come from traditional insurance companies and call centres. However, by engaging the entire population of front line colleagues and managers and not just a small subset, they have built a business with a focus on the customer, and a focus on improving capability as well as reducing failure demand.

Join us for a talk and walk through the journey Tesco Bank has taken since it launched as a single entity and moved away from its joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland. The centre in Newcastle has over 900 members of staff and opened in October 2009. They have a second site in Glasgow holding around 300 staff.

Our Speakers

Phil Andrew is the operational strategy manager within general insurance in Tesco Bank. He has a background of operational management and developing systems thinking cultures within banking and insurance having worked for Zurich Financial Services, Barclaycard and Aviva.

Anthony Hart is the process improvement manager in the same area and joined Tesco Bank not long after its launch. Anthony’s background is continuous improvement, project and programme management. Before joining Tesco Bank he spent 18 years working for Aviva.

(P.S. They tell us they both did Six Sigma, but don’t like to mention it.)

Want to come…?

If you haven’t been to one of our sessions, you can come along at no cost. We like people to try us out for size. Otherwise our fee for non members, which includes lunch, is £30 (VAT exempt). Either pay on the day or, if you prefer, we’ll send you an invoice to pay beforehand, just indicate when you register.

You can register for the session here. If your organisation blocks links like this (some do), just drop us a line. As the day approaches, you can see who else is planning to come here.


One Response to 5 February 2013

  1. Graeme Robinson says:

    I attended this excellent seminar which was very well delivered by the Tesco lads who knew their subject.
    Well done, will be coming to more!

    Graeme R

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