The Magical Delivery Tour

Sick of 8am – 6pm appointment slots and ‘sorry you were out’ cards?

Ian Gilson, Perfect Flow

Thursday 22 November 2012

When you need a tradesperson to come out and repair something in your home, do you begrudge the fact you have to hang around all day waiting for them to turn up some time between 8am and 6pm? Are you sick of coming home to find a ‘Sorry you were out’ card on the mat and your parcel miles away in a sorting office? Thought so.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What Deming did for manufacturing is now happening in logistics. For this session we were delighted to welcome, Ian Gilson, Director of the award winning company Perfect Flow Solutions for a mind blowing lesson in perfect logistics.

Perfect Flow has designed a system that means you get the visit or delivery at the exact time and date that suits you. Amazingly, this is much cheaper for the organisation providing the service. Sounds impossible? Wrong.  It is happening now.

About Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow is a revolutionary new logistics consultancy created by Ian Gilson and Neil Alexander. Ian and Neil introduced the world’s first rapid response, parts delivery service to the responsive repairs market in 2009. They have vast experience in the social housing repairs sector. Both Ian and Neil have owned and worked for SME contractors. Neil’s career started in grocery retail, with the best possible customer service training from Waitrose PLC. The retail bug took him to convenience stores, and the Cooperative Group where he became a Director.

About Ian Gilson

Ian was the MD of a maintenance business, responsible for 250 staff and turnover of £20m. He helped Portsmouth Council’s housing service to become the first repairs service in the world to allow customers to freely pick a time for their repair, whilst successfully managing capacity to meet the resulting demand.


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