What are we?

NET2 is a not-for-profit network of individuals living or working in the North of England.

We share a common interest in improving our organisations, but also our communities, neighbourhoods and habitats, seeking to transform them into better places for the benefit of everyone connected to them, now and in the future.

Who are we?

Members and guests come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including health and social care, engineering, local government, manufacturing, the civil service, retailing, leisure and tourism, policing, education, and banking.

There is a wealth of know-how and experience within the network. We are owners, managers, employers, consultants, volunteers, teachers, students, parents and much, much more besides.

What do we do?

We get together throughout the year, half a day at a time, to think, work and learn together. There’s usually a guest speaker, though not always. Sometimes we do something a bit different, like Pecha Kucha or Open Space. The goal, whatever the format, is that it’s productive, thought provoking and fun, with lots of lively debate and questioning.

Meetings take place in Yorkshire and the North East. Our usual venue in Yorkshire is Junction 25, Brighouse. In the North East, it’s the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Occasionally, we go walkabout and try somewhere different. And we’re always open to offers to host a meeting.

From time to time, we also hold extra all-day seminars and workshops.

Find out more on our Meetings page.

What’s on our mind?

In trying to decide whether NET2 is for you, it might help to know some of the things members have on their minds. Here are some things you’re likely to find among their core assumptions:

  • The outcomes and results seen and experienced daily in work, and elsewhere, are mostly the product of how elements and people interact with each other
  • People want to give of their best and deserve respect and trust. Their ‘spirit’ is the most important resource
  • Changing the system will change what people do; changing what people do will not change the system
  • Processes encountered in life and work are not fixed but subject to variation. So knowledge that enables prediction is most helpful to management endeavours
  • Learning is about much more than filling people with information; it requires us to examine our taken-for-granted thinking
  • People learning new ways need to be patient with themselves, persistent and humble, and allow themselves and others to be inelegant. They should never forget, it’s better to do the right things wrong, than the wrong things right

Find out about some of the people we admire and who get us thinking, the articles and blogs we’ve been reading, and the wise words people have said that we think are pretty neat on our Influences page.


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