I was clearing out and came across a piece of paper on which I had scrawled these questions. I can’t remember why. It doesn’t really matter. I thought I’d share them here because I’d love to hear any answers. Better still, do they bring other questions to mind…

  • Who designed the system?
  • Why does the prevailing style of management prevail?
  • Where do assumptions come from?
  • Why did Peter Senge write the Fifth Discipline?
  • How do you recognise a learning organisation?
  • What’s the difference between continual improvement and innovation?
  • Analysing customer demand into a system teaches what matters in their eyes, what ‘value’ looks like and what’s likely ‘waste’, but what to do when there is no demand to study?
  • How do you know that you’re working on the whole system?

One Response to Questions, questions…

  1. Nick Sharratt says:

    I have no clue as to the context of these questions and came across them through an unrelated twitter search but….

    For me, the difference between continual improvement and innovation is that the former is incremental and iterative and the later is transformative. Continual improvement is often part of a deliberate plan, do, check, act Deeming cycle. Innovation is delivered through empowered inspiration and can lead to entirely new systems, processes or services.

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