On the street where I live, one grass verge is immaculate, kept like a bowling green by a resident. Makes me smile to be reminded what's possible.

When did you last think about just how much better it could be?

What you’re doing today. That service you’re providing, product you’re shipping, relationship you’re building. Are they what they could be? Just how big is the gap between reality and what’s possible? You need to think about it.

To build a bridge, you must first step up to the river’s edge, gauge the width and the currents, and feel the pull of the territory that lies beyond the bank on the other side.

Of course, sirens will try to dash your efforts on the rocks. Ignore their enchanting, soothing songs of justification and pacification. They’re just singing about budgets, regulations, the boss, and a thousand other reasons to give up now. Possibility is a new song from a different playlist. It’s a catchy one. A real earworm. Start to hum it as you build and you’ll never stop.

See you on the other side.

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