The other day I found myself trying to dissuade my teenage son from his view that what matters about Google, along with the rest of today’s ‘happening’ organisations, what sets them apart from the mundane mass, is the number of cafeterias and other ‘awesome’ facilities and perks they lay on for their employees.

Needless to say, I didn’t do very well in the face of his (on this occasion) relentless ‘Ooh, shiny’ mindset (maybe that should be his ‘it’s fun to wind dad up and watch him go’ mindset). Certainly, Dan Markovitz, over at TimeBack Management, did a far better job of explaining what really matters in Inspiration Doesn’t Come From A Box of Cocoa Puffs.

Cheers, Dan. Now, how do I get my son to read it…?

One Response to But, it’s not about cafes…

  1. Obviously, you bribe him with piles of (depending on his age): candy, cartoons, cash, or women.

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